Video looped

Graham Tansley BA MA HEA fellow

A video produced in response to the present refugee crisis.

The relationship of the visual and audio is intending to provoke a response to the contrast of how we feel about each, and hopefully prompt the audience to empathize with how this must feel for others.

Although this is evoking a sense of travelling through a landscape, this is not a film about a journey, as by definition a journey is of a day’s length and has a starting and finishing point. This film is intended to have no specific time frame or finishing point. 

Shot on an iPhone, the video is a further exploration of my research focus on opportunities that the access to new mobile technology has created. The audio track was complied using free sound and is designed to draw attention to the video or add a further layer of meaning if listened to on headphones.

I am also interested in exploring different ways that time based work is presented in a gallery context and breaking away from the inherent signification associated with conventional digital screen formats.