Looking at 1

2012  3 min 59 sec. Shot on iPhone 5   Edited iMovie  Looped.

Exploring Gallery context

Why do people go to galleries? Why do artists produce this stuff and who are these who people go and see it? What are people buying into and sometimes actually buying? I am interested in these issues and these relationships.

With time-based media now the prevalent mass communication currency across the range of platforms now available I have made made the decision to explore the filming opportunities that mobile technology now gives us all.

Produced for May Day exhibition at the Kirkgate Centre, Shipley, West Yorkshire in 2013 . The film was shot on an iPhone balanced on the windowsill where the the final piece was to be shown on a digital photo frame. This created the background for the participants that mirrored exactly the gallery view for the audience. The digital frame was mounted in gold gilt picture frame and hung on the gallery wall to reinforce the notion of ‘painting’. The viewer would see a range of people looking at them as if they were a picture in the gallery.

The majority of the participants were regular users or workers in the Kirkgate Centre. The work caused some confusion as some of the audience thought the screen was a CTTV link!