2014  2 min 0 sec. Shot on iPhone 5 .  Edited Premiere Pro.

The idea for the film came after I had started recording the surprising amount of dead animals I found on the roads and lanes whilst out walking  in the Yorkshire countryside. It felt to me that these gruesome deaths interrupted an otherwise pleasant and relaxing walk and only appeared when I stepped back onto the roads that fundamentally we construct to take control of our environment.

The film was first shown at The Process Continues Exhibition at Leeds College of Art. It was projected down from the ceiling from a high lumen spec digital projector onto a 4 metre by 3 metre white vinyl screen stuck down on the gallery space floor. The screen was directly outside of a lift entrance so the audience using the lift would have to walk across the screen to enter the space. The film could be viewed from the adjacent mezzanine where sets of headphones were hung to enable the sound track to be heard.