Kenny Jenkins

VIDEO SORBET is the working name of the video collaboration with Kenny Jenkins

This work has evolved through conversations with  Kenny who is a musician and also Course Leader for Music Production and Performance at Leeds Becket University.

I had been producing ‘still’ video clips using my iphone for several years. My interest was in how an image impacted on the viewer if it also conveyed movement through real time. I had some interesting responses having exhibited some of the more traditional landscape film work on digital photo screens mounted in gold gilt frames within conventional ‘painting’ galleries.

Through these and other conversations I became aware that these images were evoking emotional  responses and the idea came to edit them to 30 seconds in length where they then could be seen as ‘advertisements’ where no product were promoted but the emotional content would still be available.

Kenny suggested that he would be interested to see if he could enhance the impact by adding sound.

These resulting pieces have the appearance of pop videos but are more in the tradition  of sound tracks to feature films.

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