Make a short film of my rescue Terrier Fred while we were in lockdown May 2020



Lens based media became the dominant communication media during the 20th Century. In contemporary society it plays an important role in provide information and entertainment but also plays a powerful and influential role in shaping and controlling society.

As a social activist working in the visual arts it has become an imperative choice of media. However not until the development of digital media has this resource become accessible and economically viable. Therefore since 2011 I have been exploring and experimenting with the video capabilities of my iPhone camera. This also includes presenting finished work through different media including; digital projection, digital photo-screen and TV monitors and more recently distributing work through on-line platforms.

I am still debating my position on this work being directly related and defined by the capability and cultural position of our phone technology, or whether this work is a ‘sketchbook’ of ideas that could or should be developed into a more refined product.