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Plagiarism as negation of culture

 Plagiarism is the negative point of a culture that finds its ideological justification in the unique. Indeed, it is only through the creation of ‘unique’ identities, that commodification can take place. Within Capital, innovation in the form of visual style and ideas is constantly needed to promote the cycle of consumer consumption needed to sustain itself. The Art Gallery is part of the feeding ground for the Advertising industry, the servants supplying the fuel for Capital.

We are forced to speak the received language of the media. It has always been impossible to give coherent expression to thoughts and practices that oppose the dominant ideology. However, Plagiarists do not seek the creation of new languages. Such an act is doomed to failure and plays into Capital’s hands (by reinforcing the myths of orig-inality and ‘individual creativity’) Rather they aim to re-invent the language of those who would control all of us.

Art is actually the accumulation of all artistic practice gradually evolving by taking ideas and putting them together in new ways. But individual artists are only needed by capital to sustain the myth of originality and individual genius. These artist work are then formed as capital to sustain value. So the backgrounds for these pictures need to be these pictures.