I am a creative maker and retired educator.

I have always been interested in creating innovative, challenging, large scale visual works. My new passion is experimenting and creating leaded light panel works and  exploring boundaries of where and how they can be displayed.  I am presently focussed on utilising a double sided mirror effect within them, to construct double sided, optically dynamic work that creates two conflicting view points but also enables an audience to interact through the panels.

This work has evolved to where I am now using laser cutting technology to create double sided mirror effect panels. This has opened up new and exciting opportunities for optical pattern designs. My exploration of materials, including  MDF, acrylic mirror, galvanised and mirror polished steel sheet has created opportunities for large scale work to be sited within interior spaces. and more interestingly outside in urban and natural spaces.

Sewerby Hall, Bridlington,Yorkshire commission submission.

I was previously co-founder and Director of Graphic Works, an ethical design agency based in Bradford, West Yorkshire and for 20 years was Founder and Programme Leader of BA Visual Communications at Leeds Art University developing a programme with an ethos of socially engaged activism and design.

This site includes an archive of work that I have produced and exhibited as a maker, activist and socially critical practitioner over the past 40 years. Initially through extensive collage work and more recently digital projection work at Light Night events across the Uk and Europe.

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