Tradition stained glass work is mainly associated with religious iconography and found in religious buildings. However glass work has  been utilised in domestic and public architecture from the 19th century in a variety of interesting decorative ways.

During the process of producing traditional stained glass windows I became interested and excited by the opportunities beyond this limited range of the cultural significance of stained glass work.

This manifested itself in exploring both the the making processes and the themes of the work. However the largest restriction was simply accessing suitable physical spaces to place work, and, in particular, to make this work more accessible.

I am now interested in exploring placing work in none traditional environments including hedges, trees and more recently exploring ways of fitting windows into dry stone walls. This also hopefully opens up opportunities to produce more provocative and evocative works.

This is tree piece under construction to be placed in Otley Chevin Country Park West Yorkshire.

Tree mock chevin

This piece is a free standing construction that can be place out in the natural world.