During the process of producing conventional leaded light windows, I have become excited by the opportunities of creating and siting work away from the traditionally religiously themed or commercial and domestic decorative panelled windows.

I have been exploring placing work outside in the rural and urban environment.  This has included hedges, trees, dry stone walls and free standing sculptural panels.

I have also experimented, for visual and economic reasons, using simply clear glass and  different thicknesses of lead cames to create dynamic optical effects.

Through this experimental phase a series of engineering and practical problems have emerged, alongside the inescapable question of purpose!

The discovery of a newly available material, in the form of thin acrylic mirror, has recently given purpose to the work. By creating panels that can be both seen through and reflect back from both sides, creates an interactive, visually dynamic, contradictory and disorienting experience.

I am now creating new double sided glass and mirror panels, experimenting utilising laser cutting and galvanised steel sheet to address the engineering and practical problems, especially relating to scale,