1988   12500mm x 1400mm   50mm x 50mm Food wrappers.

Issue:  A R T  M A R K E T

Awarded ‘Audience vote prize” Bradford Open 1990 – Commissioned exhibition at Cartwright Hall, Bradford, West Yorkshire.


I was working with Graham Harwood and Stuart Home on the Plagiarist Festival in London in 1988 and the piece was produced for, but not shown at, the Glasgow Plagiarist Exhibition at the Transition Gallery.

The picture was produced in response to the original Van Gogh’s sunflower being auctioned at Christie’s in 1987 for the then world record price of £27,500,000.($39.9 million) In contrast to the ‘value’ of the original this reworking was made from packaging from food that I consumed during the production of the picture. The work is making the simple point about  what we give value to and what we throw away for landfill.